About Me

Being a consultant gives you experience with vast level of use-cases each with different needs and different way of solving. This gives me very dynamic nature of problem solving skills along with wide spread expertise on different skills.

When you possess such level of skills, you don't limit yourself to anything to take best out of yourself. I have worked with clients all over the globe remotely/on site. Every client gave me different technical exposure including different technical stacks like Node, PHP, .NET etc. Some of the solutions are involving even cross technology stacks where complete solution is standing on multiple stacks.

As my personal favourites, I enjoy working with Laravel, Vue and Web Mapping...

Softwares are my passion & I enjoying working with them... I am quick and very deep learner. Most of the time I live & breathe the code! And when I am not working, I like to explore the nature.

And when I am doing none of above, you will finding me doing Yoga and Meditation :)

What I’m good at?

I am always to keen to learn new skills! These are the skills I am good at and more importantly I enjoy working with...










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My Work

This is not complete list but some of the handpicked highlights of my projects.
Please refer our Sample Document for the same.