Our Domain

Techvasu team believes in providing excellent solutions for any problem of every domain with more than sufficient dedication to understand the workflows. In today’s era, none of the field is remained untouched from computer services and we have been able to experience many of these high class facilities of software solutions.

We can provide our service in almost all areas of business routine by following characteristics.

  • Developer (we call him engineer as he is expert in multiple fields like requirement gathering, development, testing, deployment etc…) communicates with client directly so no intermediate information loss
  • Enough studies on the requirements and group analysis
  • Fair estimation of work according to its complexity(actually it should be simplicity)
  • Completion of targets within the given estimation

Here is the list of samples which demonstrate how the excellence of software world is helpful in managing the clumsy details and can be helpful in much analysis work, decision support systems etc.

  • E-commerce & Shopping:

    This is the area which is giving the strong competition to every local business. Every tiny requirement of a user is considered into account and is provided to him at home. A good shopping web market is used to provide this kind of services and things are made available easily.

    This domain cannot be managed by a Web-Site alone. Behind this web, there is a huge world of different software systems like

    • IMS (inventory management system)
    • Web Content management systems
    • Systems for Marketing Strategies
    • Huge reporting applications
    • High analysis tools
    • Many admin applications and many more…

    All these applications are put together to gather attentions of user and increase business day by day with huge planning.

  • Education System:

    Today’s education system is converted into E-Learning Epics. Enormous amount of Information can be made available though web world. Many Puzzles, Discussion Forums, Problem approaches, Expert chats etc is maintained. Even many competitive exams are taken online. Instant results can be provided. Bunch of analysis tools are used in taking many decisions. Many algorithms are developed; first trail of any science prediction is done through graphical representation in Software world. Aahhhh!!! I cannot keep talking on this because it will consume whole space over here….

  • Travel & Hospitality:

    This is the field which needs software solution from many aspects Like from vender side:

    • VTS (vehicle tracking system) – Locating every vehicle, deciding routes etc…
    • Ticket Booking System – Design view of every vehicle (like bus, train, car etc…) and reservation of Tickets, this data should be available to all the branches From customer side:

    Online reservation system – search facility of available transportation between different places and reservation for the same

  • Fashion and Saloon:

    This is the area where only physical publications are not sufficient. This fashion & saloon world needs high graphical representations and these advertisements should be available easily to every end of the world. So web representation is an easy option to create a big market. A dynamic website can provide you a platform to make an updatable form of portfolio.

  • Media & Marketing:

    Even Radio stations are having their own web-sites to present their views to public. In today’s era, you can prefer many TV channels, news papers etc maintaining their updates to every person through this giant web world and for marketing many companies are using the web newsletters, blogs, web articles, emails etc… This is the medium where everyone can present their own ideas, views to change the world

  • Retail & Distribution:

    Many retail stores, vending machines, shops etc are covered in this domain. These Units are directly connected to local public which demands high speed service. Store management service, Inventory management service, billing systems etc are the examples of software solution in this world. Even in this time, payment system is also created through software systems (like card payments, gift card managements etc…)

  • Health care & Life Science:

    How can we provide a quick service to everyone when everyone needs the details instantly? Here is the solution for your problems. Health Details, publications, Medicine descriptions, Many knowledgeable articles, Health tips, Expert talks etc can be shared through web world and can be made available to public with fastest effect.